What We Do

Work groups focus on various projects based on a work plan developed by the BWBC. Some projects are ongoing and continue from year to year, while other projects have a specific lifespan with a start and finish date. Below is a description of each work group and a list of current and ongoing projects for each one. Check out our Accomplishments page to see the great work we've recently completed.

Click here to download a pdf about Planning Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements from Burlington's Department of Public Works.

Do you have an idea for a project? Come to our meetings or contact a steering committee member to let us know - visit the Contact Us page for ways to reach us. It’s people like you who get involved and get things done!

The Education and Outreach Work Group is responsible for identifying, participating in, and reporting on related community, regional and other activities and committees. The Work Group develops initiatives, events and other programs that reach the broadest community. The Work Group will also reach out to work together with other organizations and committees on behalf of the BWBC. Their role also includes creating press releases, organizing press conferences (when necessary), and submitting BWBC events to community calendars. The BWBC also partners with the Safe Streets Collaborative on education and outreach efforts.

Safe Streets Collaborative: this is an education and enforcement initiative of Local Motion, Burlington Police Department, BWBC and others that targets motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. The goal is to foster a culture of respect on Burlington’s roads, paths and sidewalks.

Infrastructure & Intersections
The Infrastructure & Intersections Work Group is responsible for identifying, prioritizing, and leading progress on infrastructure and intersection improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists. The committee works closely with Burlington’s Department of Public Works (DPW).

  • Provide secure bike parking at public events, in collaboration with Local Motion and Department of Public Works, with fiscal support by the Ski Rack. See our video about secure parking.
  • Create better, safer, cleaner, and easier access and enjoyment of 127 bikepath at both ends
  • Crosswalk light cycles: identify hazardous crosswalks and advocate for improvements
  • Research and propose installation of "bike boxes" at major intersections
  • Identify intersections for safety improvements (e.g., North Prospect/Colchester Ave.)
  • Work with DPW to install in-road bicycle triggers for traffic signals
  • stencilFinalize Bicycle Parking Plan that includes both standard racks (a program of DPW) as well as lockers for long-term, secure storage.
  • Downtown Sidewalk Stencils: Downtown Burlington is a hub of activity, particularly with Church Street Marketplace pedestrian mall. To reduce pedestrian/bicyclist conflicts on sidewalks in an area known as the City Center [insert link to map], the Burlington Code of Ordinances [insert link] prohibits biking on sidewalks in the 8 blocks surrounding the Church Street Marketplace. In the first year, the BWBC applied stencils near the corner of each of those blocks to remind bicyclists that riding on sidewalks is prohibited. This work is now done by the Department of Public Works.
  • Work with DPW to install sharrows on appropriate roadways

The Events Work Group is responsible for organizing BWBC activities (e.g., walks, bike rides, rallies, tabling, etc.) and encouraging community participation. Included in this endeavor are event logistics such as staffing, schedules, food, venue, etc.

The BWBC also promotes various events in the community, including:

The Policy Work Group will participate in the development of and comment on policy documents such as Burlington’s Transportation Plan, the CCRPC’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan, Burlington’s Code of Ordinances, and Burlington Bike Parking Guidelines and more.

  • Complete Bicycle Ordinance update to be consistent with state regulations and eliminate outdated regulations.
  • Provide comments and input on major projects, ordinances and Public Works repair plans
  • Finalize Bicycle Parking Ordinance to provide consistent regulations for local businesses.
  • Attend Burlington Public Works Commission Meetings for Public Comment period (3rd Wednesdays of the Month, 6:15-9pm)