You can download some useful documents from this page including:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Work plans
  • Project information/matrices

See the PlanBTV Walk/Bike Presentation from October 2015 here.

Note: In general, this list is in reverse chronological order. However, some website bugs are preventing proper ordering, resulting in a few older documents being at the top.

BWBC Agenda 8-24-17.pdf362.39 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 08-24-17.pdf132.87 KB
BWBC Mtg Announcement 11-19-17.pdf251.43 KB
BWBC Agenda 10-26-17.pdf359.22 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 10-26-17.pdf143.1 KB
2018 walk-bike project list.pdf121.54 KB
BWBC minutes 01-25-18.pdf77.39 KB
DPWWorkplan-WalkBikeMap-2018.pdf455.03 KB
BWBC Agenda 01-25-18.pdf375.38 KB
BWBC Agenda 02-22-18.pdf359.29 KB
BWBC letter to Mayor Dec 2017.pdf170.28 KB
Pine St Curb Extensions.pdf757.03 KB
KingStNeighborhood.pdf3.86 MB
Bollards used for curb extensions.pdf959.36 KB
ONE Wiggle.pdf706.17 KB
LakeviewGreenway.pdf1.52 MB
Pearl Street - Battery to Union.pdf2.54 MB
PlanBTV_Implementation_170621.pdf750.57 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 07-27-17.pdf125.92 KB
BWBC Agenda 7-27-17.pdf361.67 KB
BWBC Special—Downtown Bike Tour & Meeting w- DPW & Parks Dept Heads, 11-19-17.pdf89.69 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 06-22-17.pdf128.08 KB
DPW Presentation for BWBC June 22 2017.pdf5.46 MB
BWBC Agenda 6-22-17.pdf358.97 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 05-25-17.pdf128.08 KB
BWBC Agenda 5-25-17.pdf358.08 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 04-27-17.pdf94.91 KB
BWBC Agenda 4-27-17.pdf359.15 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 03-23-17.pdf147.68 KB
BWBC Agenda 3-23-17.pdf370.1 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 2-23-17.pdf223.21 KB
2017-DPW_workplan_package.pdf1.55 MB
PlanBTVWalkBikeudpates_BWBC_022317.pdf293.43 KB
BWBC Agenda 2-23-17.pdf357.5 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 01-26-17.pdf170.87 KB
BWBC Agenda 1-26-17.pdf373.66 KB
BWBC Agenda 12-15-16.pdf372.97 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 11-17-16.pdf137.82 KB
BWBC Agenda 11-17-16.pdf358.81 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 10-27-16.pdf131.92 KB
BWBC Agenda 10-27-16.pdf359.27 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 08-25-16.pdf120.23 KB
BWBC Agenda 8-25-16.pdf314.99 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 07-28-16.pdf126.97 KB
BWBC Agenda 7-28-16.pdf368.21 KB
BW-BC Minutes June 23, 2016.pdf112.67 KB
BWBC Agenda 6-23-16.pdf360.94 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 05-26-16.pdf99.11 KB
BWBC Agenda 5-26-16.pdf360.43 KB
BWBC meeting minutes 04-28-16.pdf189.01 KB
BWBC Champlain Parkway Comments May 2016.pdf418.83 KB
BWBC Agenda 4-28-16.pdf365.47 KB
BWBC Agenda 3-24-16.pdf359.51 KB
BWBC Meeting Feb25_MainSt-Workshop.pdf207.36 KB
BWBC Beyond Infrastructure Comments_012816.pdf261.18 KB
BWBC Agenda 1-28-16.pdf365.61 KB
PlanBTV_WalkBike_Beyond Infrastructure_draft_01-25-16.pdf2.37 MB
Wadjda Poster.pdf1014.73 KB
BWBC Agenda 11-19-15.pdf356.98 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011Jan18.pdf67.22 KB
BWBC Minutes 11.19.15.pdf35.63 KB
BWBC_SteeringCommitteeGuidelines_Oct2015Draft.pdf121.58 KB
BWBC_Minutes_22Oct2015.pdf39.51 KB
BWBC_Agenda_22Oct2015.pdf334.59 KB
BWBC_Minutes_24Sept2015.pdf85.92 KB
BWBC_Agenda_24Sept2015.pdf360.58 KB
BWBC_Agenda_27Aug2015.pdf372.68 KB
BWBC_Agenda_2015July23.pdf373.64 KB
BWBC Agenda 7-23-15.pdf373.64 KB
BWBC_Agenda_2015June25.pdf373.88 KB
BWBC_Agenda_28May2015.pdf453.32 KB
BWBC_GoForGoldPriorityList_May2014.pdf334.65 KB
Mini-RoundaboutProposal_BWBC_9-2014.pdf119.76 KB
Request_Add'l_DPW_StaffLetter2015.pdf326.79 KB
BWBC_ChamplainParkwayCoverLetter2014.pdf432.71 KB
BWBC_ChamplainParkwayComments2014.pdf372.58 KB
BWBC_Minutes_23April2015.pdf47.02 KB
BWBC_Agenda_23April2015.pdf376.97 KB
BWBC_Minutes_26March2015.pdf45.16 KB
BWBC Agenda_26March2015.pdf377.76 KB
BDPW_Walk-BikeProjectUpdates_2015Feb26.pdf195.08 KB
BWBC_Agenda_26Feb2015.pdf377.07 KB
BWBCMinutes_2015Jan22.pdf52.39 KB
BWBC_Agenda_22Jan2015.pdf380.23 KB
BWBCMinutes_2014Dec18.pdf98.76 KB
BWBC_Agenda_2014Dec18.pdf361.48 KB
BWBC_AnnualMtgLuskPresentation_2014Nov13.pdf6.27 MB
BWBCMinutes_2014Oct23.pdf57.95 KB
BWBCMinutes_2014August28.pdf69.05 KB
BWBCMinutes_2014July24.pdf71.34 KB
BWBCminutes_2014June26.pdf81.15 KB
BWBCMinutes_2014May22.pdf52.3 KB
BWBCminutes_2014April24.pdf206.77 KB
BWBCminutes2014_Feb27.pdf90.92 KB
BWBCminutes_2013Nov21.pdf89.59 KB
BWBCMinutes_2013October24.pdf85.8 KB
BWBCminutes_2013Sept26.pdf78.16 KB
BWBCMinutes_2013July25.pdf55.34 KB
BWBCMinutes_2013May23.pdf99.26 KB
BWBCMinutes_2013April25.pdf68.4 KB
Letter to Mayor & CEDO -- PIAP 3-2013.pdf269.63 KB
Gold Comparison Summary.pdf326.51 KB
Gold Comparison worksheet.pdf450.05 KB
Burlington BICYCLE FRIENDLY COMM APP 2011.pdf224.56 KB
LAW Feedback on Burlington BFC application.pdf370.14 KB
Comparison of Bicycle-Friendly Community Applications from Burlington,.pdf210.11 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2013Feb28.pdf74.86 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2013Jan24.pdf70.26 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2012Nov15.pdf18.19 KB
BWBCminutes_2012September29.pdf61.45 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2012Aug23.pdf60.21 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2012July26.pdf76.02 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2012June28.pdf79.88 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2012May24.pdf74 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2012April26.pdf76.32 KB
EconomicBenefitsDiscussion_April26.pdf1.98 MB
BWBC_minutes_2012March22.pdf50.33 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2012Feb23.pdf193.74 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2012January26.pdf135.28 KB
Local Motion Comments for July 26, 2011 Act 250 hearing re: Champlain Parkway.pdf131.23 KB
Local Motion Comments for August 31, 2011 Act 250 hearing re: Champlain Parkway.pdf158.75 KB
Local Motion response to City of Burlington Nov 16, 2011 re: Champlain Parkway.pdf347.11 KB
Burlington Bicycle Council concerns Sept 2003 re: Champlain Parkway22.35 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011December15.pdf84.78 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011November17.pdf12.11 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011October27.pdf72.1 KB
2011AnnualMeetingAgenda_Sept22.pdf81.13 KB
2011Priorities_Dotmocracy.pdf28.21 KB
2011Priorities_ScoreTally.pdf95.24 KB
BWBC_Accomplishments_ToDate.pdf21.94 KB
Bike & Ped Improvements in Burlington 2011.pdf33.2 KB
Nicole FY12_BWBC_workplan.pdf293.96 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011August25.pdf57.73 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011May26.pdf189.48 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011April28.pdf64.66 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011March15.pdf62.75 KB
BWBC_Minutes_2011Feb15.pdf96.21 KB