Welcome to the BWBC

The Burlington Walk/Bike Council is an all-volunteer advisory council to the City of Burlington. We work closely with and advise the Department of Public Works and the Department of Parks & Recreation on infrastructure improvements and policy changes for bicycling and walking. The council also leads advocacy efforts and organizes events and activities that promote and celebrate walking and biking in Burlington and beyond. Anyone interested in making Burlington a better and safer place for bicycling and walking is encouraged to attend our meetings generally held on the 4th Thursday of each month in City Hall Room 12.

Find us on Facebook as "The Burlington Walk/Bike Council"

To check out past meeting minutes, work plans and other documents please see our Documents page. For more on our background and history see our History page.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 17, 2016, 5:30-7 pm at City Hall, Room 12 on the ground floor. Pizza will be served.


Double Feature! Walk Bike Plan update and presentation on the intersection of Transportation and Recreation.

Introductions, brief BWBC overview, confirm minute-taking, review agenda 5 minutes

Announcements 5 minutes

Update on the Burlington Walk/Bike Master Plan 30 minutes

Lucy Gibson of Dubois & King will review the comments and proposals received to date and discuss planned revisions to PlanBTV Walk-Bike. We can also look forward to further feedback and discussion on the Main Street Concept being presented Wednesday evening.

Where Does Transportation End and Recreation Begin? 45 minutes

This presentation by BWBC member Drew Pollackā€Bruce of SE Group explores the overlap of transportation and recreation in Burlington by highlighting how communities in Vermont and throughout the United States are combining planning efforts to leverage active transportation assets to meet both transportation and recreation goals. There will be time for discussion afterward.

See you there!

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